About Us

Cygnus Advisory is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. 

Who We Are

About Us

Established in 2020 in ADGM, UAE CCAL is an independent multi-family Advisory Setup. The firm was founded in 2020 by a group of experienced Financial & Legal specialists with the objective to be the trusted independent advisor of prominent Families, Entrepreneurs and Managers. CCAL provides a large number of services to wealthy individuals or families going far beyond traditional Private Banking services. The company is committed to consolidate and develop its position as leading and innovative Multi Family Office. Investments in IT allowed the firm to provide consolidated Asset Reporting and Risk management services at the highest levels for an overview of the entire asset holdings. Whether we are using in-house know-how and expertise or working with outside service providers, we will always choose, based on a best-in-class approach, what is right for the client.
The financial services industry is facing challenges and major transformation. We are strong enough, solid and reliable. We are committed to ethical principles that put client interests first, focused on long lasting client relationships beyond generations. Since years we focus on families and private clients, we understand not just what our clients want, but also what they need. What we have learned from our clients is practical knowledge. This is why our success story began decades before the company’s founding.

Ethics and approach

At CCAL, we have always embraced strong principles – driven to succeed, but to do it in a way that connects people, cares for the earth and ensures a sense of belonging in everyone involved. Today, CCAL continues to operate in a way that builds lasting value for all its stakeholders and upholds the ethical philosophy of its founders. Our guiding principles are: Independence, Integrity and Personal service. As wealth managers, we are not tied to any one bank and are therefore free to focus entirely on our clients’ best interests. We can cultivate close ties with them and assemble the local and international expertise needed to meet their financial needs.

At CCAL, integrity is both a principle we live by and added value for our clients. Our relationships are open and honest and based on trust and mutual respect. We fully understand the individual needs and long-term objectives of our clients – and our clients are well aware of how we manage their wealth and how much they are paying for our services. Our approach is Personal. We live and work close to our clients. We know their culture and language. We are our clients’ one point of contact – their trusted advisor, making an entire career out of managing their wealth and preparing it for the next generation. This level of service simplifies our clients’ lives and provides continuity and peace of mind. Our hallmarks are portfolio transparency and above all personalized wealth management, with a bespoke investment approach defined for each client.

Our focus is always on our clients, and it is important for us to share our values with them so we can build a long-term relationship together.
These core values have shaped our company and will do so for many more decades to come.