Estate Planning is an Important & everlasting gift you can give your Family. Setting up a Smooth Inheritance isn’t as hard as you think

Legacy Planning

The only constant thing in life is change, which is why individual life planning should not be a one-off exercise. Your personal circumstances, requirements, expectations, and aspirations will develop over time. We are here to support you through life’s adventures and provide the right solution for every step of the way. Whatever your goal may be, we will listen to you carefully and show how prudent planning can help you achieve them.
A whole range of risks can put a family’s assets in jeopardy: conflicts between spouses, assets blocked during a succession, political and economic instability in certain countries, confiscatory tax regimes, loss of control of the family company, crime and violations of personal privacy are just a few examples.
Comprehensive analysis is essential to ensure that your wealth remains secure for you, your family, and future generations. At Cygnus, we help clients minimize these risks while sustaining their wealth for future generations.

We use all the options available to us to assist clients as they safeguard and organize their assets and investments.
This may include forming trusts, family foundations, investment funds or holding companies, preparing prenuptial agreements or family charters, taking out life insurance investments or helping clients relocate to countries with more favorable tax regimes.