Cygnus Advisory is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. 

Advisory Portfolio Management

Advisory Portfolio Management is a service designed for clients that wish to have full control over the investment decisions while taking full benefit from our Advisory and execution capabilities. In order to help clients with their investment decisions, CCAL takes a holistic approach on the portfolio and offers advice in different forms:
  • Strategic Asset Allocation: CCAL provides advice on how a client’s portfolio should strategically be structured based on his expected return and risk tolerance.
  • Core Strategies: CCAL provides advice on the Core Strategies that should be part of the Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Specific Tactical Trades: CCAL identifies specific trades in the market fit in client’s profile and complement the Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Risk Management: CCAL monitors the portfolio and identifies any risks that may arise from the investment decisions of the client vis-à-vis his profile and market conditions
Discretionary Portfolio Management

Depending on client’s objectives, style, risk, Investment Universe etc., CCAL offers different types of Portfolio Mandates to meet the requirements of its clients:

  • Risk-Profile Mandates, that cater to each client’s personal risk appetite
  • Tailor-made Mandates, that take into account the client’s inputs and constraints
  • Thematic Mandates, that cater to specific needs for geographical allocation, style, capital protection etc.